Design Work

ASD | Goal: To create a system or device used to supplementally aid in ABA Therapy with the goal of targeting the therapist’s’ needs as well as the child’s comfort.

Unbound | Goal: Create a uniform method for presenting binders from different retailers while still ensuring the user feels the selection is custom to their needs.

Rigged Poses and Calisthenics

Dragon anatomy incorporates aspects of both a quadruped and a winged animal. My main goal with this project was to create a seamlessly flexible spine characteristic of typical dragon depictions. The included poses are representations of how the model/rig combination cam be used for animation.

Dance Photography

The flowing lines and figures of dance have always been a fascination for me.I chose to shoot mainly silhouettes, so the composition outlines the forms of the dancers, rather than focusing on their garb or expressions. The types of dance featured are Ballroom, Bhangra, Ballet, and Modern dance.